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 18th Annual Lindquist Tournament
2019 Tournament Information
Updated: July 5, 2019



Contact Information (Tournament Directors):


Kristi Brouker (kristibrouker@gmail.com)




1.  Email will be the primary means of communication  Please check frequently.

2.  Game Schedules:  Games are scheduled to begin on Saturday, July 5 with the last games scheduled the last week of July. Schedules are subject to change.  Games and standings will be posted on our web site: www.fybl.org

3.  Grouten Games:  For those teams who play on Grouten, when an announcer is available, please provide a copy of your line up to the PA announcers who will announce the batters during the game.

4.  Tournament Structure:

U10 Division (must be 10 or younger on August 31, 2019):

6 games of pool play

Games usually held Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Single elimination playoff for all teams

U12 Division (must be 12 or younger on August 31, 2019):

6 games of pool play

Games usually held Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Single elimination playoff for all teams

Playoff Seeds


The playoff seeds will be determined by the following criteria:

  • Winning percentage (ties count as half win / half loss), then

  • If tied, head to head competition, then

  • Runs allowed

In terms of head to head competition as a tiebreaker, all tied teams do not need to play one another as long as one team played both. For example, if one team beat all the other teams, they would get the better seed. If one team lost to both teams, they would get the worse seed. If that doesn’t resolve the tie, you then look at the runs allowed to eliminate one of the teams.  If runs allowed is used for tiebreaker, the lowest runs allowed will get the better seed.  Then, we revert back to head to head competition for the remaining teams.


Playoff Brackets - U12 tournament has 13 teams, so top 3 teams will receive bye into quarterfinals.  U10 tournament has 11 teams, so top 5 teams will receive bye into quarterfinals.


5.  Rain Out Notices:  Check our web site (www.fybl.org) for rain out notification.  Look for the banner across the top of the welcome page.  We will try to update as soon as possible if the games are cancelled.

Fridays and Sundays are the usual days used for rain out games. If games are cancelled on a particular night, the games will move to next available rain out day. For example, Monday thru Thursday rainouts will be made up on Friday.  Saturdays would be made up on Sunday.  Let’s hope for a dry July!

6.  Review Rules:  In your package are the rules.  Please review and share with your coaches and players. Some key items:


  • 3 on field/dugout coaches
  • Continuous batting order
  • Regular season major league rules apply
  • Little League pitch count rules apply.
  • Little League Bat Rules Apply - "USA Baseball" bats


7.  Proof of Age:  On the first day of games please arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of your game.  Stop by the Pavilion near the concession stand to verify the age for your teams.  Every player must have a birth certificate.  Managers must have a copy of each players birth certificate during each game.
Little League Ages requirments:
U12:  Age as of August 31, 2019
U10:  Age as of August 31, 2019


8.  Game Scores:  The winning teams’ Manager MUST record the score of the game on the website (www.FYBL.org) site immediately following each game. See instructions document.


9.  Game Balls:  One box of game balls will be distributed to each team for pool play.  Each team will supply 2 game balls for each game.  If you run out of game balls during pool play, please contact the Tournament Director.  FYBL will supply balls for the playoff round.
10.  Sportsmanship:  Managers, I will like to stress good sportsmanship at all times for coaches, players and fans. Our words and actions guide these young children. Let’s teach them how to play baseball and how to properly respect others, umpires, and the rules of little league.  Any unsportsmanlike conduct should be directly reported to the Tournament Director.  
11.  Batting Cages/Fields:At the Farmington complex we have (4) batting cages; one for each field.  Prior to the game, home team has the field until up to fifteen minutes before the start of the game. Visiting team then has the field until game time.  Visiting team occupies the batting cages until fifteen minutes before the start of the game. Home team then has the cages until game time.  Farmington district teams have priority of the cages, if they are practicing.

12.  Dugouts: Home team occupies the first base dugout, and the visiting team shall occupy the third base dugout. 
13.  Rosters:  Send to me electronically as soon as possible.


Any problems, please let me know as soon as possible and I will do my best to resolve to your satisfaction. I hope you and your players have a fun, safe, and positive experience.