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FYBL Parents Agreement:

  1. I understand that Farmington Youth Baseball exists to enable my child to participate and play the game of baseball. I also understand that the League is committed to helping my child develop as a baseball player in a manner that emphasizes safety,sportsmanship and fun.

  2. I understand that children participate in organized sports for their own enjoyment, not just to win championships. I realize that both winning and loosing teach children lessons that are important in later life.

  3. I know that the coaches and officials of the FYBL are volunteers, not paid professionals. I know that these individuals are striving to provide the best possible program for my player and all players in the League. I will support and not undermine the Coach in the eyes of my player.

  4. I agree to abide to the Zero Tolerance rule regarding behavior toward umpires. I will at all times demonstrate a positive attitude toward the game, including its participants, coaches, and umpires.

  5. As a non-profit organization, I know FYBL needs financial support and I recognize my responsibility to support fund-raising efforts to every reasonable extent.

  6. I acknowledge that as a last resort, that inappropriate behavior on my/our part could result in the suspension or termination of the playing privileges of my son or daughter, as determined by the Board of Directors of FYBL.


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