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FYBL's philosophy and guidelines for all teams and programs is to help players to become self-confident, team-oriented people using baseball as a means to support individual character development. The goal of FYBL is to enable all players to develop as people through participation in baseball. With a foundation of self-confidence built on the field, the players will gain a true love for the sport. This love will allow participation in baseball for many years to come, as players, administrators,umpires and coaches.

The baseball field is a place where players should experience fun, good sportsmanship and excitement. While developing a competitive spirit is important to player character, the FYBL board of directors will continue to stress the importance of team and player development first, leaving winning and individual success as a lower priority. Every attempt will be made to find well-qualified coaches who embody the spirit of this philosophy and recognize the impact they have on the players under their direction. Everyone associated with FYBL should look forward to their involvement with youth baseball, knowing that they are involved with the "Greatest Game on Earth".