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Farmington Little League

P.O. Box 324

Farmington, CT  06034

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Raffle Information
July 15, 2020   Dear Farmington Little League Families:   You...
COVID Guidelines and Procedures
All players, coaches, and umpire’s temperatures will be taken...
Farmington Little League Monthly Board Meeting
Our next Farmington Little League Board Meeting will be on Sunday,...
Raffle Information

July 15, 2020


Dear Farmington Little League Families:


You will be receiving 20 raffle tickets for our summer fundraising effort from your child’s manager.  Each ticket is $5.  The Farmington Little League will retain 50% of ticket sales and award three prizes from the remaining 50%. 

Please have the purchaser complete the back of the ticket with their name, address, and phone number.  Provide the purchaser with the other half of the ticket for them to retain.

We are planning on drawing the winning tickets on Sunday August 9th at the Little League complex.  1st place will get 50% of the 50% prize, 2nd will get 30% of the 50%, and 3rd will get 20% of the 50%.  As an example, if FLL raises $10,000 from ticket sales, FLL will retain $5,000 and award $2,500 to the 1st ticket drawn, $1,500 to the 2nd ticket drawn, and $1,000 to the 3rd ticket drawn.

Please return your envelope to your manager by Sunday August 2nd.  Please include cash/checks received (checks should be made out to Farmington Little League or FLL) as well as the half tickets with the purchaser’s information.  Also, include any unsold tickets in your envelope.

Any questions regarding the raffle may be directed to Rocco Guerrera ( ).

Thank you in advance for your help in selling raffle tickets.


FLL Executive Board

by posted 07/21/2020
COVID Guidelines and Procedures
  1. All players, coaches, and umpire’s temperatures will be taken before they enter the field.  If anyone has a temperature above 100.4 degrees, then they will be asked to go back to their cars (we will take their temperature again in 10 minutes, and if not below the limit, then they should go home).  We ask that parents take their child's temperature before they come down to the fields.  We will not have thermometers at certain practice fields (West District, IAR< etc.).
  2. Parents will not be able to sit in the bleachers, they will have to sit along the fence past the bleachers into the outfield.  We ask that you practice social distancing (more than 6 feet apart), or wear a mask if social distance is not possible.
  3. Dugouts will be used, but only 3-5 people will be allowed at one time, the rest of the players will be lined up against the fence outside the dugout.
  4. Players are recommended to bring their own chair to the games.  We would prefer not to have anyone sit in the bleachers
  5. Sanitizers (in spray bottles) will be in each dugout to clean any shared equipment (catcher’s equipment, batting helmets, bats and baseballs), and dugout benches.
  6. Masks will be required for managers and coaches when in the dugout.
  7. Umpires will call balls and strikes behind pitcher’s mound.
  8. Game balls will be rotated every two innings.  All baseballs/softballs will be disinfected after each game/practice.
  9. Bat racks will not be used.  Players will keep their helmet and bat with them at their chair.  A coach will place used bats along the dugout fence for the player to pick up after they have completed their at bat/baserunning.  Bats should be labelled with player name or other identifier to avoid confusion.
  10. Players are asked to bring their own water bottles to the game.  No sharing of water bottles will be permitted.  Food is not permitted on the field, which includes sunflower seeds.
  11. There will be no handshakes, fist bumps, hand slaps allowed amongst teammates, coaches and opponents.
  12. Games will be scheduled to avoid overlapping of teams at the field and to allow for proper sanitizing of dugouts. 
  13. We will use the batting cages before the games, as only one coach will be throwing batting practice, and the coach will pick up the balls after each batter.
  14. We expect the bathrooms to be open at the LL complex with cleaning happening on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.


These will be updated as guideance from town and state changes.

by posted 06/25/2020
Farmington Little League Monthly Board Meeting

Our next Farmington Little League Board Meeting will be on Sunday, July 12.  This meeting will start at 7:00pm (need to decide if by video or in person).

The main topic of discussion will be the start of the summer season.


Anyone can attend Board meetings, and we encourage parents and volunteers to attend these meetings.  We are projecting that some of our long term board members will be leaving at the end of this season, and we will need some new volunteers to help in running this league. 

Attending these meetings will give you a better understanding on how the league is run, but also the amount of volunteers needed to have another successful year. 



Farmington Little League Executive Board


by posted 09/01/2016
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